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Stringing Methods

  • Conventional Stringing is stringing the entire racquet at one tension, creating a sweetspot in the center and deader feel around the outside (like any other racquet on the market). WEED does require a small amount of slacking on the last 3 outer strings in the conventional pattern.

  • Live Periphery Stringing (L.P.) is a progressive string job that makes the whole stringbed play like a sweetspot, instead of just the center.  It features a progressive drop in tension from the center of the frame towards the outside of the frame for greater depth on off-center hits (and less shock to the arm on such hits!), which converts into much steadier, controlled play. The LP method utilizes a second, much stretchier string (Durbin CDT) in the last 2 mains and crosses, to produce a powerful periphery.

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