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Frequently Asked Questions

You Asked, We Answered

Can I demo a racquet?

Yes, You can call to get a demo racquet with a deposit. You can also order under our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. Call 1-800-933-3758 

How are Weed racquets strung?

When you purchase Weed racquets you can choose the type of string you prefer either conventional or live periphery stringing.  Both techniques are described below.

Conventional Stringing is stringing the entire racquet at one tension, creating a sweetspot in the center and deader feel around the outside (like any other racquet on the market). WEED does require a small amount of slacking on the last 3 outer strings in the conventional pattern.

Live Periphery Stringing (L.P.) is a progressive string job that makes the whole stringbed play like a sweetspot, instead of just the center.  It features a progressive drop in tension from the center of the frame towards the outside of the frame for greater depth on off-center hits (and less shock to the arm on such hits!), which converts into much steadier, controlled play. The LP method utilizes a second, much stretchier string (Durbin CDT) in the last 2 mains and crosses, to produce a powerful periphery.

What are the payment and shipping options?

Credit Card or PayPal and anytime you purchase a new Weed Racquet standard shipping is Free. 

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